Dog Chews & Treats for Passive Chewers


Passive chewers - also known as gentle nibblers - like to take their time when chewing. They’re not the type to gobble up treats and often savor each chew as if they’re a food critic trying to figure out the intricacy of the treat they’re nibbling on! 

Often, passive chewers are picky eaters and aren’t usually food motivated. They may turn up their nose on treats that don’t have a strong smell or taste. A gentle nibbler probably won’t consume a bully stick in one sitting, and will need 30-45 minutes to spend nibbling on their treats. Fortunately, passive chewers are not likely to swallow large pieces or make themselves sick by eating too quickly. Nevertheless, it’s still necessary to supervise your passive chewer when enjoying their favorite Pawstruck product. 

Don't forget! It's important to make sure you’re giving your dog the appropriate length chew. As a general rule, chews should be bigger than your dog’s snout, and hard chews should be slightly wider than their mouth. Supervise your dog when feeding, especially the first time you give them something new. Be sure to remove any large swallowable pieces to prevent digestive blockages.

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43 Products
43 Products

43 Products

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“I'm raising four big dogs with strong chew drives. I've found the best prices on bully sticks and other all-natural chews at Pawstruck. The braided bully sticks are insane!”

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Seattle, WA

12" Braided Bully Sticks

LIFESAVER for a teething puppy!

The only thing we have to worry about is keeping our puppy from hoarding all the chews and making him share... I have to play referee to make sure he plays nice with his fur brother!

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Basset & Bracco's Fur Parents

North Carolina

Bizarre Bargain Grab Bag

I appreciate the care put into your treats

We feel safe to let Oliver enjoy your high quality bully sticks. Thanks so much! Oliver loves all the goodies he's tried.

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Mary & Peter

Houston, TX

4' Bully Stick Rings

My active dogs LOVE Pawstruck!

Our dogs are super active and love hiking, swimming, and exploring. Pawstruck chews satisfy their serious need to chew.

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Beef Jerky Joint Health Treats

The only chew he'll finish

We've been giving Katsu Pawstruck chews since he was a puppy, and these are the only ones he will even come close to finishing! We love them because they're natural, healthy, and low odor.

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Beef Collagen Sticks