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Pawstruck Solid Antler Dog Chews (Large)

Pawstruck Solid Antler Dog Chews (Large)

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Pawstruck's Large Solid Antler Dog Chews are some of the longest lasting dog chews we offer, making them great for dogs who really like to chew on stuff. They're 100% natural and made in Canada to assure the highest health and safety standards. Best of all? They're healthy and even odor-free!

Delicious Natural Dog Treats

No odor and all-natural? Yep, that's exactly what you'll get with our Solid Antler Dog Chews. Made of real antlers that have been naturally shed from wild elk and deer (with no harm done to the animals!), our Solid Antler Dog Chews contain zero additives, preservatives or other artificial ingredients. In addition, they're produced in Canada where they're held to the highest health and safety standards to ensure your dog receives the healthiest and tastiest treat possible.

Our Solid Antler Dog Chews aren't just delicious--they're healthy, too! The good stuff is in the marrow, with is rich in minerals that can help support your dog's health. As a bonus, chewin' on our Solid Antler Dog Chews can help improve your pup's dental health by aiding in plaque removal. What else? Oh, yeah--chewing is a natural stress reliever and can help reduce your dog's anxiety. Pair healthy chewing with regular vet visits and your pup will be well on his way to health and happiness!

What makes Pawstruck dog treats and chews different from other brands? Our mission, which is to provide dogs with the safest and healthiest products at prices you can afford. That's why we offer a bulk discount on our all-natural antler dog chews, which helps you save money when shopping for your sweet pup. We also offer an auto delivery option, so you won't have to set a reminder to replenish your dog's supply all the time! Just indicate how often you'd like us to deliver our dog chews to your door and we'll take care of the rest.

Product FAQs

Q. Where do your Solid Antler Dog Chews come from?
A. Our Solid Antler Dog Chews are naturally shed in the wild by Canadian elk and deer to ensure no harm comes to the animal. We then clean and cut each antler to the appropriate length for your dog to chew.

Q. Are your Large Solid Antler Dog Chews safe for puppies?
A. While our Large Solid Antler Dog Chews are recommended for small dogs, we do not recommend them for puppies. However, we have them available in a smaller size that's more appropriate for puppies. Always be sure to supervise your dog during chew time and provide plenty of fresh water.

* Note: This version of our antlers is similar to our Split Antler Dog Chews. However, the split style has been cut down the middle to give easier access to the marrow, making it slightly less durable. Preference varies from dog to dog--give 'em both a try and let us know which one your dog prefers!


  • Naturally-shed deer antlers & elk antlers
  • Collected, washed, & then cut to specified size
  • Extremely long-lasting & odorless dog treats
  • Mineral-rich marrow with no preservatives
  • Helps remove tartar & plaque buildup
  • Made in Canada


Elk antlers or deer antlers


Made in Canada Natural Cleans Teeth Grain-Free

Additional Info

Brand Pawstruck
Made in Canada
Length (approx.) 7"
Calories 1445 kcal/kg
Shelf Life 36 months
Crude Protein (min) No
Crude Fat (min) No
Crude Fiber (max) No
Moisture (max) No
Dog Size Small, Medium, Large


Warning: the treat you're about to give your dog is positively delicious! While our natural treats are guaranteed tasty, there are a few safety tips we ask all of our owners to observe. First, human consumption is not recommended (duh!). Second, we always recommend supervision while feeding your pet any treat or chew. Third, remove any large, swallowable pieces to prevent blockages. Fourth, provide plenty of drinking water to help with digestion. That's it! Feel free to contact us with any questions.