Beach Must Have and Best Practices

by the Jenny Laboriante

Pawstruck and @Jaxandthepack

As the weather warms up and the days get longer, you may find yourself and your dog venturing to the beach this summer. To ensure that and your dog have the best trip, here are a couple of our favorite must haves and best practices from our friends over at @Jaxandthepack.

Be sure to bring the following:

Fresh water & bowl

For our beach trips we like to bring a gallon for the 2-3 hours we are at the beach, this tends to be enough water for both of our large breed dogs. If your dog is younger and on the more active side, please consider bringing more water.


Please consider bringing some type of shade for you and your dog. Whether it is a beach tent , umbrella, or canopy this is a great way to enjoy the beach while not burning and providing a little bit of relief from the heat.

Life Jacket

This is an optional add-on but highly recommended. If this is your dog’s first trip to the beach, it may be a good idea to introduce them to it with a life jacket on. Surf and waves can be rough and unpredictable and accidents can happen quickly. Even if your dog is a great swimmer, it is still a great product to have in your beach bag.

Leash and Collar

While this may be a given, it is important to keep your dog on a leash and have a collar with identifying information on it in the event of an emergency and as local laws require.


Your dog will be burning more energy than in their normal day to day adventures. There will be lots of running, swimming, and over all stimulation, a mid-adventure snack is the great way to ensure that they have what they need to keep going! Bringing something for your dog to enjoy at the beach can also increase their positive association with it, especially if they are not great car riders or had a less than stellar experience with the water.

Our favorite snacks for the dogs are the Pawstruck Collagen Beef Sticks and Meal Toppers.

Now that you know everything you need to bring (at a minimum), what are the best practices for the day?

You may feel that going mid-day with peak sunshine is the optimal time to go. While this may be the case for humans, not so much for dogs.
Our favorite time of day to enjoy the beach is early in the morning or late evening. Nothing beats having a beach to yourself or with only a couple of other people and dogs around. Going at these times also avoids the hottest part of the day and reduces your chances of heat exhaustion.

Want to see more of Jax and the Pack? Check them out @jaxandthepack or tips on how to “chews” the right treat for your dog? Give us a call at 1 (800) 715-4955. Our product specialists are more than happy to provide suggestions. Browse all of our wholesome treats & chews with a Jax and the Pack special offer!

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