Meet Our Chief Canine Officer

Chief Canine Officer, Tyson

I’m Tyson, the Chief Canine Officer (COO) here at Pawstruck. My hooman, Kyle and I started Pawstruck so that pets across the country could enjoy high quality, reasonabily priced dog treats and chews.

As Chief Canine Officer, I’m in charge of a ton of REALLY important things like taste testing new products, keeping the office pack in line, live chatting with customers, and writing my Weekly Pupdate for our email newsletter. I’m also the official Pawstruck mascot, so you’ll see my adorable face throughout our website, in emails, and on social media.

Want to connect? You can chat with me or one of our friendly customer service representatives on live chat. Or shoot us an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Keep in mind that it’s hard to type without thumbs, so cut me some slack if there are any spelling errors… 

Bark to you soon, 

hand-drawn illustration of Tyson running with a stick in his mouth, with a signature: TYSON, CHIEF CANINE OFFICER

Note from Kyle:

Although the real Tyson has crossed over the rainbow bridge,
he lives on in our hearts and as the Pawstruck CCO and mascot. 

Tyson running at the beach.
Tyson running at the park.