Can Having a Dog Help You Get Better Grades?

by the Sarah Carroll

Photo by Samia Liamani on Unsplash

You've had a dull, boring class and now have no mood to do anything? If you have a dog, none of this will matter once you arrive home. The moment you walk through that door, with only a simple wiggle of its tail, your mood will instantly change. Dogs have an exceptional ability to change your mood instantly.  They are always eager to know how your day was, delighted to twist on your feet, euphoric to follow you around and exhilarated at the idea of snuggling for some minutes. That's how dogs help us to relax after a hard day. Dogs are loving and loyal. As a student with a late-night study session, you know you are not alone. You know you have a partner to give you company as you study. When you are stressed, they can sense the sadness and enable you to relieve it since they have uncanny ability to help you relieve stress thus positively influencing your health. Here are some reasons why you should consider having a dog while in college to get better grades.  

 Teach Responsibility

Owning a dog requires some responsibility to care for them. College teaches about growing up, being independent and getting ready for adulthood. A dog will help further teach you these things. You can't leave a dog alone for a very long time since it needs to be fed, taught and played with. Thus after classes, you will feel obliged to rush home and take care of it as well as complete your assignment. While other students will be struggling to finish up their assignment and maybe asking for assignment help from friends, you will be home studying and having your dog by your side to keep you company. In addition, having a dog teaches you to be physically, emotionally and economically accountable for another being. To ensure you have a long healthy life with it, you need to be constantly aware of its needs.

 Dog Promotes Exercise

Dogs love to play, and they are full of energy. Unlike a human being, they need to have daily walks. For you to have a clear mindset and so you can understand your course better, exercise could be just what you need. A dog will be your daily motivator to achieve that. There is no better way to exercise than having a dog by your side. After some moments of exercise with your dog, you will have a refreshed mind to comprehend your studies better.  

 Boost Your Health

Boosting health by reducing stress and anxiety are some of the various ways of how dogs help us. When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, a dog has been proven to promote your overall well being. Not only through walking them daily, but because they have been shown to lower tension, sadness, nervousness and many other mental health disorders. To be honest, it's a main reason why college students need a dog, as many claim to give up at some point due to studying pressures. Your dog will help you lower your anxiety, make you calm down and assist you to perform brilliantly in your studies. They are perfect cuddle cronies proven to help you calm down among other benefits. They have perfect senses, and when you are feeling down, they tend to be more caring towards you.  

Help To Boost Confidence 

Confidence in schools means a lot to students. It's self-assurance to students affirming them they can do better in their studies. Students who lack confidence are prone to poor performance in school. Many students lack enough confidence and coping skills to handle disturbing emotions, and they are left to deal with their inner fears alone; this doesn't have to be the case. A study done by Tufts University proved that young people who are attached to a dog are emotionally healthier as compared to their peers who don't have any pets. Dogs boost confidence by adding a sense of determination that forces them to interact even when they don't feel like. The study found that, the attachment level to a dog was related to having self-confidence. With enough confidence, a student can surely do better in their exams.



Unlike people who may not stick to you during your dark moments, pets are always with you through it all. With their positive impacts on student's psychological benefits, self-esteem and combating depression, owning a dog in college can the best decision a student can make. Dogs are loving and loyal. With their bespoke ability to sense emotions, they will know when you are stressed and will prompt to play which will help increase levels of the stress-reducing hormone oxytocin. Best of all, your dog will stick by you even when you have to burn the midnight oil while working on your school project or working on assignments.    


BIO: Emily Watts is a writer for EduZaurus writing academic papers for students who need help with their classes. When she is not working on students’ papers, she has various hobbies. Her favorite hobby is taking care of animals. She owns several dogs, cats, and other animals, and she takes great joy in taking care of all of them. Additionally, Emily is also a great lover of nature and is very dedicated to environmentalist causes.

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