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Bizarre Braided Bully Sticks for Dogs (Sold by Weight)

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Bizarre Braided Bully Sticks are high quality but imperfect looking braided bully sticks. Other companies dispose of them just because they don't look "pretty".

Looks aren't everything! At Pawstruck, we feel this perfectly good product should not be wasted. With shapes and sizes that are wacky and strange, your dog will constantly be kept guessing. It's an exciting new adventure every time you open up a bag. Our Bizarre Braided Bully Sticks are safe, just as tasty, and are a bargain when compared to those you’d find in stores. In fact, many dogs prefer the variety in shape, color, and size. Good for the planet, good for your pup. Help the planet by reducing waste!

  • STOP FOOD WASTE: Other retailers won’t carry bully sticks they consider “ugly” so perfectly good sticks end up in landfills. Help us change this! There is no reason for this kind of waste. Our Bizarre Bully Sticks are safe, just as tasty, and are a bargain when compared to those you’d find in stores. In fact, many dogs prefer the variety in shape, color, and size.
  • CONSISTENT WEIGHT: No more worrying about a bully sticks thickness or density. These bully sticks come in two sizes: the first size option is between 5” and 7” long with the second size option being between 8" and 12" long. They are sold by the overall weight of the bag to ensure consistency. This means you get exactly what you pay for. When the sticks are smaller, you'll get more sticks per bag. When the stickers are bigger, you'll get fewer sticks per bag. Regardless, the weight of the bag will match what we advertise.
  • NATURAL & HEALTHY: These truly are the best bully sticks for dogs and puppies. They are made with NO artificial ingredients, NO hormones, and NO chemicals from free-range, grass-fed cattle and are rawhide-free. These all-natural beef pizzle dog treats are long-lasting and full-sized. We source the highest quality ingredients ensuring premium low odor monster beef bully stix that your dog will love.
  • HELPS CLEAN DOG TEETH: Dog dental care is important. These natural puppy and dog dental bully sticks help to remove harmful plaque and tartar leading to improvements in overall dental health. Let your dog gnaw on these odorless xl dental treats and watch his teeth sparkle. You'll see that these jumbo chews are truly bark worthy and have little to no smell with lots of flavor. Junior's tail will be wagging in no time!
  • SUPREME FREE-RANGE, GRASS-FED INGREDIENTS & SOURCING: Our premium bully sticks for dogs and puppies are made in our own South American facilities to ensure the healthiest and safest possible dog chews. Our processing plant adheres to the strictest of quality assurance standards. Additionally, our facilities are up to FDA, USDA, and outside 3rd party USA standards leading to a superior bullystick.

Our bully sticks are all-natural dog chews made of beef muscles. They are slow roasted in their own natural juices to lock in flavor that your dog is sure to drool over. Additionally, they help to promote healthy teeth and gums because of the chewing action and the saliva generation. Your furry friend will find our high-quality Bully Sticks extremely palatable and will spend hours enjoying this long-lasting dog treat. With absolutely no additives or chemicals, we make sure to provide the highest quality and safest products because your dogs deserve the greatest bully Sticks available! Rest assured, all of our beef dog treats and dog chews come exclusively from free-range, grass-fed cattle just the way nature intended. Not only is that the more ethical and socially conscious way to raise bulls, but it also helps provide the highest quality Bully Sticks that your dog is bound to love.


  • Natural dog treats with low odor
  • Baked for maximum bully stick flavor
  • Come from free-range & grass-fed cattle
  • Extremely palatable, digestible, & long-lasting
  • Helps clean off tartar & plaque
  • High quality with no artificial preservatives


Beef pizzle


Natural Cleans Teeth Free-Range, Grass-Fed Grain-Free

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Additional Info

Brand Pawstruck
Made in Paraguay
Shelf Life 36 months
Dog Size All Sizes, Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Giant


We always recommend supervision while feeding your pet any treat or chew. Remove any large, swallowable pieces to prevent blockages. Provide plenty of drinking water to help with digestion. Feel free to contact us with any questions.