5 Little Known Ways To Say Thank You To Your Pet Sitters

by the Sarah Carroll

Earlier this month, we celebrated professional pet sitters week (March 7 to March 13) to pay tribute to pet care providers for helping us care for our pets.

Pet Sitters International introduced this annual observance in 1995 to “honor professional pet care providers, seek to educate the pet-owning public about the advantages of professional in-home pet care and encourage pet-loving entrepreneurs to explore professional pet sitting as a viable career.”

Working with pets is very rewarding. Some even have dogs in the office because pets have a calming effect, help them pass the long hours at work, and remind them to take breaks. Nevertheless, we still need to let our pet sitters know that they’re very much appreciated! So, here are wonderful ways to thank them for taking care of our pets while we’re away. 

Tip Your Pet Sitter

A lot of pet owners ask, “Should I tip my pet sitter?” and the answer to that is entirely up to you. It’s not required or expected for you to tip pet sitters. It’s already costly to hire one. But if they’re doing an outstanding job and you have a little extra to give, a tip should let them know how much they’re appreciated. 

This is a big help to them, especially if you hired them through a company that takes a cut of the pay. When do you tip your sitter? Most pet parents tip at the end of visits, and some even give huge tips during special occasions that they feel are well-deserved! 


Refer Them to Friends and Family

It’s not easy looking for a pet sitter you can trust. Pets are family and just like with our human children, we don’t just choose the first child care provider that comes along. If your friends have high standards like you do when it comes to your pets, it’s daunting looking for that special person who you can trust.

You know your wonderful sitter can lend a hand to someone else! A great way to thank them is to tell your neighbors, co-workers, family, and friends about them. Not only are you supporting their business, but you’re also helping fellow pet parents find someone passionate and trustworthy to take care of their furry pals as well.


Leave Snacks for Them

You don’t need to do this as it’s not required. But it’s definitely a great way to show gratitude for someone who takes good care of your dog. Just like dogs, hoomans love treats as well.

They probably brought along their own food, especially if they have strict dietary requirements, but it’s still a gracious gesture when you leave snacks for them. However, if you want to go the extra mile, you can always ask them if they have food allergies. They'll appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Leave a Review Online

Professional services online help fur parents find a reliable pet sitter who can look after their doggos. These include Rover.com, Care.com, and Pet Sitters International. On Rover.com, for example, you can find professionals that provide house sitting, dog boarding, dog walking, and of course, dog sitting. These dog care experts pass background checks and you can find detailed information about each pet sitter, including ratings and reviews from customers.

If you found your sitter through these websites or if they have their own site or Facebook page, don’t forget to leave a review to help future clients know that they’re in expert hands. Not only will posting a thoughtful comment help the customers in deciding, but it will also help keep your pet sitter in business. 


Make it Easy for Them

Pet sitters usually have multiple clients, and they have a lot on their hands (and minds). It’s part of their job to remember special instructions their clients have for them. Aside from discussing instructions with them, you can help them by writing down detailed instructions and mapping out where important items are.

Most pet sitters are more than happy to help you such as getting your mail, cleaning up your dog’s mess, taking out the trash, and even doing the dishes. It’s incredibly helpful if they know where your cleaning items are. 

Do you hire a pet sitter? If you do, how do you show your appreciation to them? Share your stories in the comments section below.

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