Five Reasons To Give Your Dog Collagen

by the Sarah Carroll

Five Reasons To Give Your Dog Collagen

Walking down the grocery store aisles you may have noticed a trend... Collagen protein, collagen vitamins, collagen water, and even collagen chews for dogs. This raises some questions, is collagen good for my dog? Do dogs like Collagen chews? Is collagen safe for dogs?

We are here to lift the burden of your questions and tell you all about beef collagen for dogs and five good reasons you should give it to your precious pups!

1. Is Collagen Safe for Dogs?

Collagen is not only safe for dogs, but it is also good for them! A single ingredient, all-natural chew that is lower in fat that many alternatives and they are packed with protein! Meaning Collagen Chews are a protein rich dog treat you can feel good about giving your dog!

2. Dogs Love Beef Collagen Chews!

Doggos go gaga for Collagen Sticks, they absolutely love the chewy goodness! These chews run thicker than your average bully stick with comparable chew times. Pet parents love them because they usually have less odor than bully sticks and last longer than jerky.

3. Collagen Is Healthy For Dogs

Healthy how? Well, they aid in dental health, boosts digestive health, supports healthy skin and coat, promotes mobility, as well as being a good option for sensitive tummies. What is this powerhouse of benefits list for you ask? Those are all the benefits of Collagen for dogs! Beef Collagen Sticks are a great source of glucosamine and chondroitin — compounds that naturally help ease joint pain and promote joint repair for those dogs getting a little long in the tooth. You get it right, no one wants creaky bones in the morning (hmm.. maybe we should reconsider that collagen protein for ourselves!)

4. Beef Collagen Is Highly Digestible 

Rawhide vs. Collagen. Although both are considered beef hide there is quite a difference. Natural collagen is from the deepest inner layer of beef skin. This layer is called the corium, and unlike the epidermis (where traditional rawhide comes from), this soft layer is more elastic and more digestible, not to mention more beneficial for our dogs!  

Pawstruck Beef Collagen Braids and Sticks are single-ingredient treats that are all-natural — free from harmful chemicals and hormones. That’s because the beef is sourced from the highest quality South American cattle, processed in SFQ-approved facilities, a global standard for food safe facilities.

"Trade you this flower for a Beef Collagen Stick, pup-puplease!" Riley the Retriever

5. Low Odor Chews For Dogs

Does your dog love the delicious taste and long lasting chew of Bully sticks? But you just can’t hang with the idea of them chewing on that ingredient (beef pizzle). Or maybe even the low odor, all-natural Bully Sticks are too potent for your stellar smelling abilities, then Beef Collagen Chews are the chew for you! Well for your dog more accurately but you get it!

Beef Collagen Dog Chews are:

  • Low odor
  • Packed with protein
  • Run thicker than average bully sticks
  • Naturally occurring collagen helps support a shiny coat and healthy skin
  • Naturally occurring glucosamine and chondroitin can help improve mobility and reduce stiffness and pain
  • Chewing on collagen sticks supports your dog’s dental health 
  • Anxiety and Boredom Buster
  • No artificial ingredients or preservatives, single-ingredient

That was a list within a list but only because we just really love Beef Collagen Chews, and we know your dog will love them too! Check out the different shapes and sizes of all-natural Collage Chews available from Pawstruck!

What are your dogs favorite treats and chews? Still have curious about Collagen? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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