Introducing Our Air Dried Dog Food!

by the April Darling

Introducing Pawstruck's latest innovation:

At Pawstruck, we believe that your dog deserves the best, which is why we're proud to introduce one of our latest innovation: Air Dried Dog Food! Made right here in the USA and approved by veterinarians, our new recipes are designed to provide your pup with a delicious and nutritious meal experience.

Is Air Dried Food Healthy For Dogs? 

What sets our Air Dried Dog Food a-paw-rt is our commitment to quality ingredients. With a focus on real meat, fish, and poultry, each recipe contains a whopping 85% or more of these wholesome proteins. Whether it's our Fish Recipe packed with 85% real fish, our Beef Recipe boasting 96% real beef, or our Chicken Recipe featuring 97% real chicken, you can trust that your furry companion is getting a protein-packed meal every time.

What is Air Dried Food?

But it's not just about the ingredients – it's also about how we prepare them! Our oven-roasted cooking process not only enhances the taste and texture of the food but also helps to retain more nutrients compared to other high-heat cooking methods. This means that your dog is not only getting a delicious meal but also one that's packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

Why Choose Air Dried Food For Dogs?

Versatility is another key feature of our Air Dried Dog Food. Whether you use it as a complete meal, a kibble enhancer, or a tasty treat, you can rest assured that your dog will love every bite. Plus, with added ingredients like salmon oil, flaxseed, and a blend of vitamins and minerals, you can feel good knowing that you're providing your pup with everything they need to thrive.

So why settle for anything less than the best for your furry friend? Treat them to Pawstruck's Air Dried Dog Food and give them a meal experience they'll love – and you'll feel good about!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before making any changes to your dog's diet, we always advise consulting with your veterinarian to ensure it aligns with their specific nutritional needs and health status. Every dog is unique, and what works well for one may not be suitable for another. Your veterinarian can provide personalized guidance to help you make informed decisions about your pet's nutrition and well-being!

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