Pet of the Month: August

by the Sarah Carroll

Say Hi to Sammy, our August Pet of the Month! He's a purebred Golden Retriever, and he's turning two on September 5th. He's from Buffalo, NY, and a huge fan of the Buffalo Bills! His middle name, Allen, is taken from the Bills' quarterback, Josh Allen. 

His fur mom, Kelley, says that Sammy loves bagels and would eat one every morning. She said, "He gets excited when he's going to Starbucks 'cause he knows he's getting a bagel!"

True to his nature, this doggo loves to swim! And there's no stopping him when he sees water. He'd go for a splash in pools, lakes, rivers, reservoirs, creeks, really doesn't matter!

Sammy loves playing with sticks, but is obsessed with tennis balls. He'd choose to play with balls over anything.

This adorable furkid enjoys boat rides and golf cart rides. Sammy loves rolling on the grass and snow. And when someone greets him, he gets super excited, wiggling his butt to show his eagerness.

Sammy thrives on being around his hoomans. He even cries loudly to show that he misses and loves you, even if you just left the room for a minute. His favorite person would be his Grandma, who babysits him twice a week. She's the first human who ever held him and they share a special bond.

Sammy's favorite vacation spot is Fripp Island, South Carolina. And he's going back there in a few weeks! And if you're excited to see what Sammy is up to, follow and give him some love on his Instagram account, @buffalosgoldenboy!

Our furry pal, Sammy, loves our Pawstruck Beef Tendon Chews! And we heard from the grapevine that he would love nothing more than trying out more Pawstruck treats. He's the sweetest!

This month, we thought we'd return the love Sammy and his family have for us. So, we commissioned a digital painting for him! What do you think of the artwork? Share your thoughts with us and Sammy's family in the comments section below.

Want your dog to be chosen as Pet of the Month? Submit a photo or two of your pet enjoying their favorite Pawstruck treat to and get a chance to be picked as next month's featured pet.

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