Pet Of The Month: June

by the April Darling

Introducing June’s Pet of the Month, or should we say Pets of the Month? This time, the spotlight shines on an entire pack of gorgeous dogs, collectively known as "MY CHORUS" by their hoomans. Meet Bass, Mezzo, and the youngest member of the gang, Irish Tenor. These pups not only impress with their lovely howling voices but also with their names that are sure to strike a chord in your heart.

In their eyes, being part of the Pawstruck family is an esteemed honor. But we're the ones who feel honored to witness their absolute cuteness. And guess what? The most exciting part of their day is when their mom surprises them with the ultimate treat – the BIG dental chews AKA Daily Dental Chew Brush!

Now, let’s give a little background on this charming chorus. They're a large and lively mix of breeds, with a dog father who was a full-size poodle. Bass or "Basie" is an 8 year old GreatDanoodle. Mezzo Soprano or must "Mezzo" as his family knows him is a 7 year old NewfiePoo. And Irish Tenor, as the name suggests, is an Irishwolfiedoodle who prefers to go by "Irish". Talk about a canine symphony!

To keep their pearly whites in top shape, these hooman-loving pooches rely on Pawstruck's healthy dog chews. Their current favorites are the Daily Dental Chew Brush but with their large size, a Beef Collagen Chew for dogs would also be a great option. These chews not only satisfy their chewing instincts but also promote dental health and offer joint support.

So, if you're a fellow dog lover searching for the best dog products, take a cue from this K9 Chorus and give these natural dog chews a try. It's a symphony of joy that dogs love!

Remember, when it comes to pampering your four-legged family members, Pawstruck has got your back. Join the chorus of happy customers who have found the perfect treats for their beloved dogs. After all, a hooman's love for their furry friend knows no bounds, and the journey to find the best dog products is a melody worth singing along to!


The Pawstruck Pack wanted to show how grateful we are for the impressive pack, so we commissioned a digital painting to show off their gentle, majestic personalities!

Say Congratulations to The Chorus for winning Pet of the Month and tell us what you think in the comments section below!

Do you want your fur-kid to be next month’s Pet of the Month? Just submit a photo or two of your pet enjoying their favorite Pawstruck treat to for your dog to have the chance to be our next su-paw star!

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