Pet of the Month - March 2024

by the Haley Neal

It’s time to give a round of ap-paws for March’s Pet of the Month, Sven! Hold onto your leashes because this furry fellow is about to steal your heart with his charm, intelligence, and pearly white grin.

Sven is a dapper seven-year-old Tuxedo Standard Poodle, but he isn’t just any ordinary pup – he’s the faithful companion to his handicap human brother! Sven's got the wisdom of a seasoned pro and the energy of a puppy, making him the perfect partner in fun and frolics.

Now, let’s talk smarts. This pup isn’t just a pretty face with an impeccable coat. Sven learns tricks faster than you can say “sit” and even communicates through sign language. Talk about impressive! But Sven isn’t just about dazzling others with his tricks, he’s also got a heart of gold. As a therapy dog, he spreads joy wherever he goes, bringing companionship to the elderly and smiles to the faces of children in hospitals. Sven can brighten everyone’s day with his gentle demeanor and wagging tail!

Sven sure knows how to appreciate good dental hygiene, and Pawstruck’s Daily Dental Chew Brushes are his favorite morning ritual. His pet parent loves them too because Sven gets two paws up for his sparkly clean smile every time he visits the vet!

The Pawstruck Pack wanted to show how grateful we are for Sven, so we commissioned a digital painting to show off this dashing pup!

Say Congratulations to Sven for winning Pet of the Month and tell us what you think in the comments section below!

Do you want your fur-kid to be next month’s Pet of the Month? Just submit a photo or two of your pet enjoying their favorite Pawstruck treat to for your dog to have the chance to be our next su-paw star!

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