September's Pet of the Month

by the Sarah Carroll

It’s time to introduce our September Pet of the Month: Togo! This four-year-old is not your ordinary dog. Togo is a Corgi/Pomsky mix, a unique combination Corgi and a Pomeranian/Husky, and he's full of personality.
Togo's active lifestyle doesn’t leave out much! It includes playing tug-of-war, fetch, and catch. He enjoys leisurely walks, playing with the family cat, and chasing squirrels and bunnies in the yard.

He may be a bit finicky when it comes to his treats, although he prefers to be called refined, he can't seem to resist Pawstruck treats and chews! His current favorites are the Daily Dental Chew Brush, which not only delight his taste buds but also keep his teeth remarkably white and clean. He's also a fan of the Yak Cheese Puffs, savoring every bite.

Togo is quite the winter enthusiast, spending his days rolling with excitement in the snow. When the Christmas tree goes up, Togo knows he's in for a treat – presents, which he opens himself of course!
In the fall, Togo's favorite pastime is frolicking in the freshly raked leaves.  With an appreciation for all seasons, he gets even more excited in summer when the family heads to the river. Togo is a true water lover and never misses an opportunity to swim, go for a jet-ski ride (crying constantly until he gets a ride). He's also a happy passenger on the golf cart during summer adventures and family camping trips.

Togo has a sensitive side too. He can't fall asleep without his cherished stuffed animals, snuggling to sleep every night. While he's not a fan of baths or grooming sessions, Pawstruck treats come to the rescue providing comfort and distraction.

Togo's love for belly rubs is unparalleled, and he's quite the conversationalist, His presence in Nisbet is so well-known that even strangers recognize him, often calling out his name as they pass by. His name was inspired by the Disney movie "Togo," where a mischievous dog finds his way into heaps of trouble, much like Togo did in his puppy days – hence the puppy school!

The Pawstruck Pack wanted to say thank you to Togo and his paw-rents, so we commissioned a digital portrait painting to show off their fun and loveable personality!

Say Congratulations Togo for winning Pet of the Month and tell us what you think in the comments below!

Do you want your fur-kid to be next month’s Pet of the Month? Just submit a photo or two of your pet enjoying their favorite Pawstruck treat to for your dog to have the chance to be our next su-paw star!

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