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1lb Bizarre Bargain Grab Bag

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By Pawstruck
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Attention, chew treat lovers! If you’re having a hard time choosing from our wide array of all-natural chews and treats for dogs, the Pawstruck Bizarre Bargain Bag is here. This value grab bag contains an assortment of your dog’s favorite chew treats, including our best-selling cow ears, beef chews, dog bones, and more.

This bag is made up of top quality but imperfect-looking products. Other pet treat companies would just get rid of the “not-so-pretty” ones, but not us! We want to eliminate food waste and save you money. Bulk dog treats like our bargain bag bring us closer to our goals and are equally as safe as their prettier counterparts.

What’s in a Pawstruck Natural Bargain Bag?

We totally get the dilemma of having to choose just one or two products. This 1lb variety bag contains a collection of our most popular, safe chew treats for your dog to try. Inside you’ll find items like:

Animal Ears – 100% real animal ears like cow ears for dogs and natural lamb ears. Safe, canine-approved, and an excellent source of chondroitin that help ease your pup’s joint pain.

Dog Bones – Nothing beats the high calcium found in this long lasting, all-time favorite treat that’s essential to your pup’s muscle development, teeth and bone health.

Beef Dog Chews - Single ingredient treats like jerky and beef straps that are slowly baked in their own juices to achieve that oh-so-yummy beefy goodness that pups absolutely go crazy for.

No two bags are the same, so you will receive a different selection of chew treats each time. The weight is consistently over 1bs, so you get exactly what you paid for. Our Pawstruck Bargain Bag is a big step towards minimizing our carbon footprint and reducing food waste by eliminating the harmful practice of throwing out products that look ‘weird’ but are still perfectly safe.

Shop smart and stock up on bulk dog treats today! Not only is this a great way to reward your pups and save money, but you’re also decreasing the impact on our environment.

*Note: we are unable to customize Bargain Bags. This means you can’t ask for specific products or exchange items. This product is best suited for dogs without any allergies and those that aren’t super picky. Looking for a single product rather than an assortment? Check out our Bizarre Bully Sticks.

Health Benefits of High-Quality Chews & Treats

Do you ever wonder what makes Pawstruck products a superb choice for your fur kid?

  • We source our chews and treats from prime quality ingredients
  • During manufacturing, we don’t use chemicals, artificial additives or harmful coloring that can wreak havoc on your dog’s health.
  • Pawstruck chews are not only rewarding to your dog’s palate, but they’re also a good source of nutrients such as protein, chondroitin, and calcium that keep your pup in tiptop shape.
  • There’s also the added benefit of chewing that keeps anxiety and boredom at bay and helps to ensure your dog’s pearly whites are clean and plaque-free.

A bag full of mixed goodies is a brilliant way to keep your pup excited and entertained. It’s also a fun way to try different products to find out which treat your dog loves best. This fun mix of Pawstruck’s best-selling treats will leave your fur kids wanting for more. Even the pickiest pup is bound to find a treat they’ll love.

Happiness guaranteed in each Pawstruck Bargain Bag!


Animal ears, jerky, dog bones, and other wholesome natural treats from the Pawstruck line of Dog Treats.


Natural Cleans Teeth

Additional Info

Brand Pawstruck
Calories Varies
Shelf Life 36 months
Crude Protein (min) 70% min
Crude Fat (min) 10% min
Crude Fiber (max) 3% max
Moisture (max) 10% max
Dog Size All Sizes, Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Giant


Warning: the treat you're about to give your dog is positively delicious! While our natural treats are guaranteed tasty, there are a few safety tips we ask all of our owners to observe. First, human consumption is not recommended (duh!). Second, we always recommend supervision while feeding your pet any treat or chew. Third, remove any large, swallowable pieces to prevent blockages. Fourth, provide plenty of drinking water to help with digestion. That's it! Feel free to contact us with any questions.