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Shopping for dog chews can be a bit of an intimidating experience. On top of there being all different kinds on the market, they seem to be made of a zillion unfamiliar ingredients. It's a bit overwhelming, don't you think?

That's why we at Pawstruck have taken the time to carefully create great-tasting dog chews for your beloved friend at a price point you can afford. We source our dog chews from the finest ingredients nature has to offer, including beef, chicken and lamb, creating an amazing flavor that's tough to resist. And not only are our dog chews 100 percent edible, they're 100 percent delicious and help to keep tartar and plaque buildup at bay. We even offer a bulk buying option on almost all of our products so you can stock up and ensure your pup stays happy and occupied day in and day out.
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12 Products
12 Products

12 Products

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“I'm raising four big dogs with strong chew drives. I've found the best prices on bully sticks and other all-natural chews at Pawstruck. The braided bully sticks are insane!”

LIFESAVER for a teething puppy!

The only thing we have to worry about is keeping our puppy from hoarding all the chews and making him share... I have to play referee to make sure he plays nice with his fur brother!

Photo of a bride and groom holding their dogs.
Basset & Bracco's Fur Parents

North Carolina

Bizarre Bargain Grab Bag

I appreciate the care put into your treats

We feel safe to let Oliver enjoy your high quality bully sticks. Thanks so much! Oliver loves all the goodies he's tried.

Photograph of a man, woman, and poodle.
Mary & Peter

Houston, TX

4' Bully Stick Rings

My active dogs LOVE Pawstruck!

Our dogs are super active and love hiking, swimming, and exploring. Pawstruck chews satisfy their serious need to chew.

The only chew he'll finish

We've been giving Katsu Pawstruck chews since he was a puppy, and these are the only ones he will even come close to finishing! We love them because they're natural, healthy, and low odor.

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