7 Tips To Have A Dog-Safe Halloween

by the Sarah Carroll

Keep Candy Away From Your Pets

Most pet parents know that chocolate, especially dark chocolate and baking chocolate, can make dogs very sick and can even be fatal. But why? Chocolate contains the ingredient theobromine, the principal alkaloid of the cacao bean, which is toxic to your dog. While milk chocolate contains 44-64 mg of theobromine per ounce of chocolate, unsweetened baking chocolate contains 450 mg of theobromine per ounce of chocolate, making it much more dangerous for your dog if ingested (Animal Health Foundation, 2012).

Chocolate is not the only toxic ingredient found in most candies. Many sugar-free candies contain xylitol, a sugar alcohol in plants, fruits, and vegetables. Even a small amount of xylitol can be fatal to dogs and cats. Be sure to safely store all of your candy in places your dog cannot access, and if you think your pet might have ingested heavy amounts of chocolate or any candy containing xylitol, contact your veterinarian immediately.

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Turn Off Decorative Lights

Do you decorate the inside of your home for Halloween? Creating a fun, spooky atmosphere is a great way to put yourself in the festive feeling. Still, we recommend you turn off any indoor decorative lights or plug-in decorations to avoid incidents or fires while your pup is home alone.

Choose Doggy Costumes Wisely

Doggy Halloween costumes are adorable, especially if your dog enjoys wearing them! However, there are some best practices you should follow if you plan to dress them up:

  • Don't choose a costume with potential choking hazards.
  • Don't leave it on your dog while you're not home.
  • Don't let your dog wear it at a dog park.
  • Don't choose a costume that could cause your dog to get overheated.

Expose Them To Your Halloween Costume

Just like humans, dogs can recognize frightening faces that may startle them. If you have a Halloween mask you plan to wear around your dog, let them see and smell it first so that they know it's nothing to fear. Better yet, put on your mask/costume in front of them so they know it's just their favorite pet parent!

Add Some Calming Oil

If you have a pup who is prone to a bit more anxiety and stress, Halloween can be an especially scary holiday! Consider adding some Calming Mobility Help Oil to promote calmness prior to trick-or-treaters coming to your door.

Give Them Something To Chew On

Your dog may become stressed with trick-or-treaters running around and knocking on doors. To help calm their nerves and keep them distracted, give your dog something to chew on, like our classic Bully Sticks, Bully Braids, or Collagen Sticks.

Leave The Bowl of Candy Outside

If you know your dog will be overly stressed with trick-or-treaters knocking on your door and ringing your doorbell, it may be best to sit outside and wait for the trick-or-treaters to arrive or leave the candy bowl on your porch. Of course, losing all your candy to one kid is risky, but at least your pup will be relaxed!

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