August's Pet of the Month

by the Sarah Carroll

Meet Kaia, our fur-tastic friend and the Pawstruck Pet of the Month for August! This high-spirited, two-year-old Husky/Australian Shepard mix turns heads with her boundless energy and adorable antics. Kaia has got the moves like Jagger and she is not afraid to show them off! She loves to steal the hearts of all those around at the dog park. Always putting on a show with her spins, speed and passing out puppy kisses to all the hoomans!

Kaia is an extremely active pup who requires a great deal of physical and mental exercise — so when she is not participating in her favorite game of chase with dog friends at the park, she enjoys Pawstruck's all natural dog chews, like the Braided Bully Sticks! A pup's natural instinct to chew has been proven to promote dental health and relieve boredom, loneliness, stress, frustration, and anxiety.

Kaia is a petite and graceful pup who, if it were up to her, would spend her days showing off her signature spins. While still making time to show plenty of affection to her hoomans. Agile and loving, she is one precious pup!

When it comes to treats, Kaia has a refined taste for all natural treats and chews! Her absolute favorite Pawstruck treats are the long-lasting Beef Collagen Chews while the Yak Chews are a close second on her list of tasty delights. With treats like these that promote joint and dental health, it's no wonder Kaia is always on her paws and ready to perform her best tricks!
The Pawstruck Pack wanted to say thank you to Kaia and her hooman, so we commissioned a digital portrait painting to show off their spunky and vibrant personality!
Say Congratulations Kaia for winning Pet of the Month and tell us what you think in the comments section below!
Do you want your fur-kid to be next month’s Pet of the Month? Just submit a photo or two of your pet enjoying their favorite Pawstruck treat to for your dog to have the chance to be our next su-paw star!

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