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About Pawstruck

At Pawstruck, we know that ALL dogs deserve the best. We don’t care if your pup is a show dog or a shelter dog—our mission is simple: Provide primarily single-ingredient chews and treats along with natural grooming and cleaning products online to dogs and dog owners.

Prior to Pawstruck launching in 2014, single-ingredient chews were primarily found in brick and mortar pet stores. There are three problems with this: limited options, limited store locations, and excessive prices. Dogs with allergies, in rural areas, or from households on a limited budget were out of luck.

Pawstruck solves this by cutting out the middlemen found in the traditional pet store supply chain. We responsibly source products direct from manufacturers and sell direct to consumers, providing dog owners the largest selection of meaty single-ingredient chews at affordable prices. ALL dogs deserve to be happy and healthy!

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