10 Best Alternatives To Rawhide For Dogs

by the Sarah Carroll

Oh, the joys of chewing! When you see your dog having a great time just gnawing on his chew treat, you want to know you’ve made the right choice. Rawhide is one of the most popular chew treats. But is rawhide safe for dogs? Vets and pet parents alike are divided on this issue. For those who want to avoid rawhide for dogs, here are some alternate chews for dogs...


What is Rawhide for Dogs?

Contrary to popular beliefs, rawhide is the untanned hide of beef. They don’t have any use for the inner layer and that’s the part our fur kids chew on. This material is then processed to make it look pleasing and palatable.


What Are The Pros?

Dogs get anxious and long-lasting rawhide dog chews can help alleviate stress and anxiety. All that chewing keeps their jaws strong and does a good job of ensuring your pets’ pearly whites are clean!


Is Rawhide Bad for Dogs?

Big dogs and aggressive chewers can bite off big chunks that may can pose a risk for blockages. The sourcing and treatment of rawhide is an important factor. Some traditional rawhide dog chews are treated with harsh chemicals. Here at Pawstruck, the health and safety of your dogs is our primary concern. If you’re looking for a rawhide alternative, here are several products we can recommend to you:  


Bully Sticks

Made of a single all-natural ingredient, a bully stick is a delicious alternative to a bland rawhide. The cattle we use for these delectable treats are high-quality beef. More than just keeping your dogs entertained with chewable goodness, our bully sticks for dogs are also uber healthy as they’re packed with protein. Have more questions about why bully sticks are the best? 

Cow Ears

Just like humans, our dogs might need a low-fat diet as well. If your pets are on a strict diet, cow ears are a yummy treat they’ll surely love. This slow-roasted digestible product is perfect for pets who are being treated for joint pain or arthritis. It’s a good source of chondroitin to help them cope with degenerative joint conditions. Pawstruck Cow Ears are never treated with harsh chemicals and always single-ingredient.

Himalayan Yak Chews

We source these gluten-free, vegetarian dog treats from the mountains of Himalayas, handcrafted by the locals. Ingredients include Yak Milk, Cow Milk, Lime Juice and a tiny bit of salt to taste. Himalayan Yak Chews are perfect for larger breeds but will match the chewing needs of any breed and size.

Beef Tendons

Looking for single-ingredient doggie treats that are free from artificial flavors? Our Beef Tendons are perfect for picky pets. Some all natural dog treats can be a little bland, but that’s where our products differ. Made from real cattle, they’re still packed with flavor that your pets are going to absolutely love!

Pig Ears

Why let your pet chew on pig ears? It’s all natural pork that’s 100% digestible, so you won’t ever have to worry about ingredients or toxic chemicals that may give your pets an upset tummy. No additives and slow roasted in its own juices (we can almost hear your dog smacking his lips!), it’s a delicious alternative to rawhide dog chews.

Beef Jerky Joint Health Treats

Dainty pets like to chew as well. For the not-so-aggressive chewers who likes to take their sweet time, beef esophagus straps are safe for yummy gnawing. While your pooch is happily chewing on these tasty treats, she’s also getting rid of nasty plaque that can lead to tooth decay.

Pig Snouts

Let your furry friends feast on this healthy rawhide alternative. Low calorie and high in protein, pig snouts are perfect for all dog breeds and sizes. And if you’re a stickler for quality treats, and need to know what ingredients they’re made of and where they come from, you’re looking at the perfect doggy chew that matches your standards. Not only are our pig snouts made in the USA, as a single ingredient chew you can rest assure this chew will have no artificial preservatives or additives.

Cow Hooves

If you can’t pronounce an ingredient, it can be hard to know if it is good for your dog! We like to keep it all-natural and safe, that’s why our single ingredient cow hooves are made in the USA. It definitely puts your mind at ease knowing the treats you’re giving your pup are not laden with toxic preservatives or artificial flavors.

Puffed Sow Ears

Crunch, crunch, crunch! These textured Monster Pig Ears are crunchy and will keep your pet happy and occupied. They’re a bit larger than our regular pig ears and just as delicious as the rest of our treats. If you have a picky eater, this is the perfect chew alternative.

Do you have any questions about any of the chews mentioned above? We’d love to help you make the right woof, er, choice! Talk to our product experts at 1-800-715-4955. 

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