Pet of the Month: October

by the Sarah Carroll

Let’s all wag our tails for Rosie! Pawstruck’s October Pet of the Month! This sweet gal is a 2-year-old tricolor English Setter, triple the colors equals triple the cuteness! Her pet parents rarely leave the house without their trusty companion, and they rave she makes the best travel buddy.

Some of her regular activities include hiking, napping, fetching sticks in the water, or chasing birds and chipmunks. She doesn’t like to brag but she is an official member of The Squirrel Patrol (see the below photo for verification).

Rosie loves to swim! It's by far her favorite thing to do. She can’t pass up the opportunity to jump in creeks and rivers on her hikes. She also loves visiting her grandpa on the lake where of course she gets to show off her swim skills as acting first mate of the boat.

One of Rosie’s special skills is scent work. She is in training to prepare for the Odor Recognition Test which will allow her to compete in scent work trials. Being an adorable bird dog gives her an especially keen drive for scent work. Making smelling even the low odor bully sticks a walk in the park!

(Did someone say WALK?!)

Rosie's BFF/Ride or dig is her cousin Maya. They love staying at "Camp Grandpa" except for the part where Maya likes to steal Rosie's Pawstruck meaty bones. Luckily Maya knows better than to come near her favorite… Bully Sticks!

Rosie absolutely loves Pawstruck's Bully Sticks. She has a regular appointment begging for her next stick in front of the special cabinet where the bully sticks are kept!

We want to show Rosie and her family how special she is to our Pawstruck Pack, so we commissioned a digital painting of her that really highlights her natural beauty!

Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Do you want your fur-kid to be next month’s Pet of the Month? Just submit a photo or two of your pet enjoying their favorite Pawstruck treat to and get the chance to be chosen!

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