The 10 Best Treats for Boxer Dogs

by the Sarah Carroll

Photo by Sinjin Thomas on Unsplash

A long and healthy life is what we want for our furkids. Proper diet, exercise, and a happy and comfortable environment are key factors in ensuring our dogs live a quality life. For instance, boxers get depressed easily when they’re left alone most of the time. They’re also at a high risk for obesity and would need substantial exercise and nutritious, low-calorie meals and snacks. In this post, let’s take a look at the top ten nutritious best treats for Boxer dogs.

Chicken Cut Into Cubes

To promote shiny coats and healthy skin, Omega 6 fatty acids are needed. Chicken is a great source of this essential nutrient. When giving chicken to your furkids, make sure that they’re deboned, skinned and cooked. To add variety to meals, add a small portion of chicken to your pet’s meals once or twice a week. You can also use chicken as treats by cutting them into cubes and freezing them. Chicken cubes are great rewards when training your boxer. Don't have time to cook? Try Pawstruck's Chicken Meal Topper as a training treat, made from of 97% chicken!

Bully Sticks

Chewing on tough chews like bully sticks are some of the best treats for Boxer dogs to promote dental health. These pizzle sticks keep your pooch’s teeth clean and plaque-free. Aside from being a long-lasting chew, bully sticks are loved by dogs for their all-natural beef flavor. As a fur parent, you’d be happy to know that they’re high in protein and sourced from free-roaming, grass-fed cattle. These chew treats are also single-ingredient which means there are absolutely no additives and artificial flavors.

Monster Yak Dog Chew

Boxers love monster yak dog chews for their durability and delectable taste. The extra-large ones last even longer which makes them the perfect chew treats for aggressive chewers. These hard chew treats are perfect for boxers who have obesity problems. These tough chews are a great source of protein even if they’re meat and grain-free. Chewing on these incessantly is a great way to scrape away plaque and tartar from your pets’ teeth.

Cooked Carrots

We can almost hear your boxer smacking their lips! Dogs love carrots and incorporating a small portion in his meals or using them as a reward can help your boxer in maintaining healthy skin and fur. Vitamin A and beta-carotene are the main nutrients that your dogs can get out of carrots. These nutrients aid in supporting the immune system and a host of health needs.

Filled Dog Bones

Add some oomph to plain dog bones by getting filled ones for your furry pals. You can choose from classics such as beef filled femurs or peanut butter and jelly filled dog bones. Some fur parents even suggested putting these filled bones in the freezer before giving them to their dogs. If you’re trying this out, let us know how your dog likes it in the comment section below!


Humans love blueberries on their pies, cakes and artisan drinks. This superfood is packed with antioxidants that help fight off that nasty cancer. Because of the anthocyanins (an antioxidant that’s capable of fighting a number of diseases) found in these nutritious fruits, your boxer can stay healthy and happy.


Powerful and aggressive chewers like boxers can get long-lasting fun from chewing on antlers. Not only can these hard dog chews keep them occupied for a longer time than the usual chew treats, antlers are also full of nutrients and keep anxiety at bay, they truly are some of the best treats for Boxer dogs available. Don’t worry how these antlers are sourced though. No animals were harmed as we only pick up those that are naturally-shed by elks and deer!


Precaution When Giving Treats To Boxers

As we mentioned earlier, obesity is a big problem amongst this breed. It’s important that the treats you’re giving should not exceed 10% of their daily recommended calorie intake. All-natural, single ingredient treats are the best dog treats to give to your boxers. Just don’t let Rover tempt you into giving more than you really should. Giving too much of any of the treats (even if they’re highly nutritious) can lead to stomach upsets.


Would My Boxer Love Rawhide?

Of course, he would. Boxers love chewing on anything. But that doesn’t mean that you will indulge them with every treat known to dogs. Rawhide bones may not be appropriate chew treats for power chewers like boxers. The use of rawhide treats is up to the discretion of the pet parents but make sure to choose rawhide that is all natural with no bleaching or harsh chemicals used in the processing, such as our Bully Slices. Also it is important to monitor your dog's chew time no matter what type of chew you choose.



Boxers demand a great deal of attention from their pet parents. As pups and young adults, they’re full of boundless energy and often found romping around. Older boxers are more calm and collected but still a great companion nonetheless. Rambunctious or calm…it doesn’t matter! We love our boxers and want them around us for a long, long time. With proper diet and exercise, you can achieve that. We hope we’re able to help out in figuring the right treats to give to your furkid. Don’t forget to stop by and browse our collection of highly nutritious and long lasting dog treats for boxers.

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